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Land / Plots Cleaning
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Land / Plots Cleaning

The Community Council of Konia informs  that all landowners are obliged until 23/05/2020 to clear their plots of wild vegetation and / or grass and / or rubble and / or general dirt.

In case of no actions or cleaning performed are not satisfactory (the vegetation should be less than 5 cm) then Community Council  will proceed with their cleaning and the related charges  will be charged to the land/ plot owner’s account.

The owners who will clean their land/ plots should inform the Council in order an inspection of their cleaning and confirmation will take place.

The cleaning of plot/land weighs exclusively on the owner of it, even if useless materials have been placed by third parties.

This notice shall also be deemed to be a personal notice to all the above-mentioned owners or administrators and shall be sent in accordance with Articles 103 (1) and (103) 2 of the Community Act Law.

For more information or clarifications, interested parties can contact the office of the Community Council at 26923951 (Mon.-Fri. 8: 15-3: 00).

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