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Konia is a traditional village with an immense view, from where one can enjoy gazing all the way to the city of Pafos with ease as the village is located only a few kilometers away from Paphos Town city centre. Built upon a mountainside and at a beautiful venue, today it is a place that both locals and foreigners embrace. In this community some villas and new houses have started to pop up and – generally – the way of living has started to change in the once quiet place.

Konia constantly changes the way its land is used. The rates of growth are now quite intense. It seems that the diminished distance from the city of Pafos contributes to the further development of the village since both locals and foreigners are looking for a quiet and serene environment.

As you go through the «Kamaroudi» and ascend towards the village, crossing a snake-like road, you end up at the center where you come across the remaining traditional houses, which take you back to past decades. Also at the center of the village, you will find taverns with both local and foreign customers.

A breeze coming from the mountain constantly caresses and revitalizes you. The landscape becomes rougher but –at the same time –more picturesque and certainly more attractive. The carob trees, the lentisks, the olive and turpentine tree thicken. Their dark green color lies above the yellowish grebe of the wild flowers, over the yellow color of the fennel and the daisy. Other colors also stand out due to the many kinds of wild flowers that grow in abundance upon the mountainside.

Konia has something special. It is a village inviting for those who seek rest, calmness, and serenity. The same absolute quietness and calmness also prevails during the night. You feel that your body is penetrated by a soft, refreshing breeze. You are able to enjoy a crystal clear sky filled with stars that emit their dim light towards you.

This unrivaled beauty and serenity, this unsurpassed harmony in light and color that you come across here, in the village’s mountainside, is something rare. It is probably one of the calmest place in Cyprus.

Welcome to the official website of Konia Community council. At our website you will be able to find useful information about our village , the community council , useful announcements and latest news. Also please feel free to contact us for any related information you may need.

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1 Ayiou Iakovou Street
Konia 8300
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Email: info@konia.org.cy