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Konia Communitty Council is also participates at Communities Recycling Plan. There is one recycling point in the Konia community. The point  is located at 1 Agiou Iakounou Street, opposite the entrance of the Community Council. The collection of recyclable wastes takes place every Wednesday or Thursday.

Residents of the community are also informed and kindly requested for any other household waste and inert materials to use one of  the five green spots available in  Paphos District. Green Points are a demarcated and landscaped area with appropriate building infrastructure and equipment, organized by a Council, for citizens to deposit FREE recyclables separately collected, such as paper, glass, metals, plastics, textiles, edible oils (such as clothing, furniture, electrical and electronic equipment) in order to be subsequently promoted for recycling or re-use.
The closest to our community green point is located at  Koloni which also serves our  community. The green point is located   on the new road leading from the Koloni community to Pafos International  Airport (next to the new junction).

Allowed categories of waste:
1. Inert-Rubble

2.Do It Yourself (tiles, sanitary ware, etc.)

3. Massive Waste (Furniture, Mattresses, Rugs)

4. Waste of Electrical and Electronic Equipment

5. Pruning (green)

6. Plastic containers, Plastic

7. Paper

8. Cardboard

9. Glass

10. Aluminum

11. Metal objects (scrap, radiator, etc.)

12. Wood

13. Fabrics

14, Toys

15. X-rays

16. Thermometers

17. Medicines

18. Lamps

19. Cleaning materials

20. Paints, inks, glues, resins

21. Edible Oils and Fats

22. Machine oils

23. Batteries for vehicles and other industrial use

24. Batteries

25. (Batteries) and Batteries for Home Use

Opening hours of the Green Point are Monday through Friday from 0800 – 1700 and Saturday from 0800 to 1300

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