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Water Supply Interruption 28/11/2020

We inform that today 28/11/2020 there will be a water supply interruption mainly in the areas northeast of Dimitraki Savva and Eleftherias streets  and as well as southeast of Apostolou Pavlou street. The interruption will be during the morning hours 0800 -1100 p.m.

Collection of recyclables until 3/5/2020

  For the next 5 weeks , the collection of recyclable materials from the recycle point in front of  Community Council  Offices’  will take place on the following weeks: Monday 23 March to Sunday 29 March 2020 Monday 6 April to Sunday 12 April 2020 Monday 20 April to Sunday 26 April 2020

Council Offices

Our Council offices will remain close to the public until further notice due to the pandemic measures of prevention. You can call 26923951 for any urgent inquiries or information

Waste Management

Konia Community Council calls on its residents for further activation and awareness of the issue of cleanliness and waste management within the Community boundaries. The contribution of all residents to maintaining cleanliness and environmental protection is equally important and therefore the public is urged not to place arbitrary pruning, greens, bulky objects, rubble and other

Dog Owner License

In accordance with the provisions of the relevant Legislation, dog owners are required to obtain a permit (s) for their dog (s), provided that your reported animal (s) is six (6) months of age or older. The dog’s license is valid for one year from the date of its issue. Dog owners are urged to


The recycling bins were transferred to the community council parking lot from today. The bins are being watched using  closed circuit video cameras.  Monitoring will be done via 2 Monitors in the community council as well as on mobile phones of members of the Konia Council. Anyone caught  throwing away inert materials and household garbage

Welcome to the official website of Konia Community council. At our website you will be able to find useful information about our village , the community council , useful announcements and latest news. Also please feel free to contact us for any related information you may need.

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